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Sub2Get was created to help all content creators to be in their deserved place, IN THE TOP! Our website allows creators to link all their social media profiles/pages in one single place and force all visitors to follow whatever the creator wants!

Easy & Fast

Are you tired of unfully responsive sites? Sites that might work on a 480p screen and doesn't work on a 720p screen or sites that work on pc and don't work on Mobile. We're sure you're very tired of that and so, we have designed our site to be fully responsive on all devices. No exceptions! Unless you can come up with really weird dimensions of course.

100% Free To Use

Isn't it very disappointing when you finally find the service you've always been looking for then discover that it's paid? Maybe you're a student or don't have an online payment solution or you just don't want to spend money on the service just yet. And we totally understand that! with your emotional and financial support we were able to keep this service free!

No1 ShortLink Service in EU

The majority of our Content Creators are satisfied with the results they got. Join them now for free!